5 things to consider before buying a vape cigarette!
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1. Price

- Decide how much you are willing to invest. If you’re new to vaping there is nothing wrong with investing in a cheap vaporize- after all, you aren’t sure if you’ll stick with it.

2. Reputation.

- After narrowing your choice type to a certain Price Range, research the reputation of individual companies and models.

3. Warranty.

- Even high-end vaporizers can have minor functionality issues that are mostly covered under warranty.

4. Preparation Time.

- Compare overall preparation times after narrowing your search by customer satisfaction and warranty.

5. Portability and Size.

- A large vape cigarette can be difficult to conceal and store discreetly. Ultimately, the vape cigarette’s portability depends on a person’s lifestyle.

6. Style.

- Find a vape cigarette that has a style and design that is easy to use.

7. Physical limitations.

- Some vape cigarettes can be use with one hand to vape, while others need both hands to be vaped successfully. Although in the past they used to be a bit heavier they have become mobile with time.

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